Sunday, January 11, 2009

Printsy Interview - Iva O.

'In a Dream' - iva_o on Flickr

Interview by pspress

Name: Iva O.
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Brief Bio:
I live in the Toronto area where I share my little apartment with a wonderful cat and a lot of art supplies. I don't have formal training in art and everything that I have learned is through observation and constant experimentation. During the day I work in corporate finance and at night I dive into paint and ink. It's a dual kind of life that keeps both sides of my brain working.

What printmaking medium do you most often work in?
Block printing -- both wood and linoleum.

'Behind the mask' - iva_o on Flickr

How did you get started in printmaking?
Printmaking was a natural progression from painting. I was lucky enough to meet a lot of great artists online whose work inspired me to try and express myself through printmaking. Through a lot of experimentation and remembering bits of an art class in high school I taught myself the basics.

Describe where you work.
Until recently I used to work in a 1 metre by 1 metre space on my bedroom floor. Now I have graduated to my living room. One day I hope to have some space for a studio.

'Patience' - iva_o on Flickr

What's your creative process for any given print?
I usually start with something that inspires me, a photo of a place that I have visited or an image I would like to play with and sketch it out. I redraw the image to the size I want it, flip it (sometimes I forget to do that), transfer it to the block and start carving. I often have several blocks on the go, as once I start working on one the ideas start flowing for other images. After I finish carving the block, I print a test print, fix anything that needs fixing and print. I am very low tech as I use a wooden spoon to transfer the image from the block to paper. I usually print in several layers combining colors and blocks. Sometimes I have a finished image in my head and sometimes I just layer until I am happy with the print.

What do you enjoy most about printmaking?
Playing around with the ink. I am a messy artist, by the end of a printing session I am covered in ink!

'Camouflage' ACEO - iva_o on Flickr

What's your least favorite part of the process?
Getting the paper ready, I don't like cutting the paper because I can't cut or tear a straight line no matter what I do.

What are your inspirations?
My major inspiration is my life. The art I create is a reflection of my experiences and emotions. My prints (and the rest of my art work) represent my search for a calm and peaceful state of mind. I am inspired by other artists and the techniques they use. Nature is a constant inspiration, I am learning about photography and a lot of my blocks are based on photos I have taken.

'Lost in a Dream' - iva_o on Flickr

How has your work changed and evolved since you started?
My work is constantly changing as I discover new ways of carving or printing. It's an ever changing process.

How do you get past creative slumps?
I am in the middle of one right now. The best thing I can do is to keep looking at art, trying to think about it and finding time to spend with my sketchbook. I think that I will have to lock the door, turn off my phone and computer and get the ink out and work for hours.

'Growing' - iva_o on Flickr

How do you promote your work?
My work is mostly for sale online right now. I promote through my blog, flickr groups, forums, displaying at shows and word of mouth.

Any other comments or advice for others who want to try making hand-pulled prints?
Just start working and don't be afraid to get covered in ink ;)

Thanks for the wonderful interview Iva!


susan heggestad said...

wonderful colors!

Beyond the RockZ said...
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Beyond the RockZ said...

Beautiful work! So glad we found this blog, which is now bookmarked to visit often.

Al and Caroline
Beyond the RockZ

minouette said...

I love the first print with the tree Iva, and the way you layer.