Thursday, June 24, 2010

Who's Printsy This Week - This (New) House Edition

This has been a pretty big week for the editors at Who's Printsy, who just a few days ago got the keys to their very first house! In celebration of the American Dream, this week's Who's Printsy features various prints of homes and neighborhoods from Brooklyn to New Orleans and everywhere in between. And because the editors discovered a coterie of baby birds living under their deck, please enjoy the nest block print note card by kgcrafts.

home tweet home - Original screen print by lisastubbs
where the marching band still rolls, i find my city in my soul by hoppscotch
Street Corner Houses - Matted Original Linoleum Block Print by AnniePod
Upper St Giles Street, Norwich by spoonergregory
On a Winter's Night - Vermont - a hand pulled linocut - handmade by studio27
Chez Danielle, an etching by AtelierConti
EVERY DAY IS A JOURNEY original linocut by bluecicada
Original Woodblock Print - Cana Island Lighthouse by pejnolan
Brooklyn Streetscape - linocut print on aqua/gold paper by michellehan
WATER TOWER linocut print by inkPod
Nest Block Print Note Card by kgcrafts


lisa stubbs said...

Thank you for showing home tweet home screen print and happy house moving!:)

hoppscotch said...

thank you for featuring my new orleans home!