Sunday, December 26, 2010

Interview with Jill Lee of Beau Ideal

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I currently live and work in Brooklyn, NY. I moved from Miami, FL to attend the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art and Science…years ago. My background is in fine art, but I always struggled with how to communicate my work in a way that I’m comfortable with…how to find that balance between making art and producing a commodity, and how to make a living doing what I love. 

Why Printing?

In art school, I studied mainly painting and drawing, with a few printmaking       classes thrown in the mix (etching, litho, silkscreening, Japanese woodblock). It took me awhile to discover what medium and process made the most sense for me and my work.  I love the immediacy of drawing and painting, but I love the look of printing and the ability to make multiples of an image.

What is Your Favorite Printmaking Medium?

Lithography is ideal in capturing the delicacies of lines and strokes in a drawing or painting, but unfortunately, I am not keen on the process. I decided to stick with screen printing, since it works well with my hand drawn images (being more graphic) and it’s a versatile process to produce work…from being able to print on many different surfaces to how a screen is used in printing. I also think it’s important to maintain a craft. With technological advancements at our every turn, I think society as a whole has become more detached. It is so easy these days to send e-cards or resort to social networking sites, the idea of giving someone something handmade has become a rarity, especially through the post! It has become an old school concept for many. I want to be able to maintain that level of preciousness, yet show an art that is accessible to everyone.

How long have you been printing and how has your work evolved?
I’ve been printing for several years, but have been actively printing for the past 4 years since I’ve had the idea of starting my own business. My work has evolved by me being more comfortable and efficient with how I work and print. Also with customer feedback, I have gotten better at balancing what I want to make as an artist/designer and what sells. 

What or Who influences your work?

I am influenced by so many people and random things that I don’t know where to begin! I love patterns and textiles of different cultures and time periods, from Japanese art, to Native American weavings, to French wallpaper, to Marimekko. I also love typography, particularly hand drawn type and vintage calligraphy. People that I am influenced and continuously inspired by are Louise Bourgeois, Matisse, Andy Warhol, Alexander Girard, and Mike Perry to name a very few. I am always stumbling upon wonderful new artists, designers and illustrators, so my sources of inspiration are truly endless.

How do your promote your work?
I mainly promote my work by participating in venues, such as, Renegade and the Brooklyn Flea. Consistently posting on Etsy helps too!

Any good printing tips or funny printing stories (or both??)
My first tip is that everything is learned by trail and error. Take what may seem like a mistake and learn, build, and grow from that experience. Secondly, be patient. Things will come when the time is right. These are advice not only for printmaking, but for being constructive and staying positive in life!

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