Friday, January 14, 2011

Who's Printsy This Week

Pink Dodo Bird Screenprint by printsbyamandajames
Sasquatch Hearts Nessie Screenprint by printsbyamandajames
No Hands Kitty n Owl on Bike Hand Colored Drypoint Artist Proof by almostmonday
original etching 'ducky duck' by atelier28
Blood Flower Skull woodcut print by woodcutposters
Iris Cicada, handmade woodblock print by alfredstark
Schizophrenia - woodcut by sheekart
Chickadee - Linocut Print by KellyChristina
Noras Daffodils II - Original Silkscreen Print by PhareCamp
Pink Pig at a Party Linocut Print by themattbutler


Greenballoon said...

I (finally) added a couple prints and a print-based artist's book over the last week. How do I get those on the list?

Unknown said...

For PRINTSY members only, if you use the tag "Printsy" in your hand-printed items on your shop, they'll appear in our weekly search for pieces to include in the "Who's Printsy" feature, and your piece might get chosen for inclusion. If you don't use the "Printsy" tag, we can't find your work.