Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Collograph Demo with Lynn Bailey

Printsy member Lynn Bailey reveals the secrets of creating a collograph print with a whole variety of materials in this video:

Lynn is part of Double Elephant Print Workshop.
Double Elephant Print Workshop is a open-access Fine Art Printmaking studio, offering courses, resources and support for beginners to professional artists in the centre of Exeter, Devon, UK. We also travel across the South West of England with our portable presses delivering workshops and long-term projects for schools, health centres, business and a variety of community organisations. This new series of films will give you a taste of what printmaking has to offer and some tips from our professional artist tutors.
You can find other printmaking demonstration videos by Lynn's colleagues here.


Susan Ernst said...

very helpful tutorial and I love her accent! I haven't worked with collographs in a while, so this was a good reminder of the wonderful results you can achieve with it.

LynnBaileyPrintmaker said...

Thanks... Didn't know I had an accent ;-)

Cathy said...

Really enjoyed this video. Very well produced and very clear information.

Crish said...

Very nicely done! It starts talking about kids so I was half expecting a "blue peter" moment!

Lynn - What are you using for the sealing "varnish" (I'm using MinWax clear acrylic from Home Depot). And have you found any plate that is thin/cheap but doesn't buckle? Matte board drives me crazy!

Also, pet peeve of mine...but notice that Lynn correctly titled her video "Collagraph" but the blog has changed it to "collograph" with an "o" (check Amazon for books on collagraphs - it's always with an "a"!).