Saturday, October 18, 2008

From Linoleum Cut to Tile - Public art and Printmaking

Dear Print enthusiasts,

I would like to share my newest public art project with you! In 2007, I was commissioned to create 13 designs for the hallways of the Macarthur Park Metro station in Los Angeles, California. Each design reflects positive uses of Macarthur park. I created the designs using linoleum cut printing (3 colors) and hand painting (with an airbrush). Below is a step by step process of the fabrication of the murals. Installation of the final pieces is estimated for January 2009.

Best, Sonia Romero (She Rides the Lion)

1: Thirteen different designs picturing positive community uses of the Macarthur Park area are created in linoleum cut and airbrush. Pictured here, "Langers Delicatessen" (Original linocut prints will be available for sale in early 2009).

2: The thirteen designs are handed over to Mosaika, in Montreal Canada, the mosaic mural fabricators. The images are reproduced in vinyl to create a stencil.

3:Powder is pushed through the stencil to transfer the image to a ceramic slab

4: The white areas on the design are carved out by hand, cleverly duplicating the feel of the original linocut print

5: Close up on the relief carving

6: Tile is cut into sections, glazed and fired.

More progress pics to come! Feel free to ask questions in the comment section.


Marian said...

Oh, this is so exciting! What a fantastic project. Congratulations!

Alisha Gould Designs said...

that's amazing! great work!

frettke said...

Wow, that's really cool. I was fascinated to see the photos of the tile- making process.

pejnolan said...

I just love the carved, yet gloss look of the finished fired ceramic. Now I just HAVE to try and get to a ceramics class! Thank you for showing this - Wonderful work!

Jan Allsopp said...

Wow, this is fabulous. Looks so beautiful glazed. Who does the carving of the clay?

laura said...

so so cool, both in process and design!! what an exciting project.