Thursday, January 22, 2009

Who's Printsy This Week

Lapping - original woodblock print by azuregrackle
Pied Currawong, sugarlift etching by bridgetfarmerprints
Hippos Linocut by loadedhipspress
Gou - The Dog - 11th in Chinese Zodiac - Limited Edition Linoleum Print by minouette
3 Pack Postcard Souvenir by sheridesthelion
Art Deco Linoleum-Cut Print - in Burgundy by sheggestad
Paul and Babe - serigraph art print by withremote
Skatha 15x11in (original woodcut) by mLee
Winter Aspen (original woodblock print) by VIZArt
Cat with Sunbeam original linocut print by craftyhag


minouette said...

Amie -I think this is a great feature for the blog, though it risks having a serious effect on my wallet, with the weekly temptation to collect more prints. ;)


Bridget Farmer said...

thanks for showing my etching! I've only just remembered to add 'printsy' to my tags recently! it's a great group. thanks

Amie Roman said...

Thanks Ele, and yes, I know what you mean!! I'm only picking 10 from the growing number listed, so the temptation is even stronger when you do a "tag" search for Printsy!

Good point Bridget - Printsy members need to remember to include Printsy as a tag so that we can find each other easily!