Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Who's Printsy This Week

Strange Things - Screen Print by miriamdema
Far Horizons - monoprint by panchromatica
WISE WOMAN - original linocut by bluecicada
Lee's Baking Powder - Original Woodcut Print by spoonergregory
Lotus original monotype by DeanDymentStudios
Redhead color linocut relief print original art by HeftArt
The Nautilus - First edition lino block print by minouette
Spring Leaves - Original Screenprint on Canvas by allthingsgrow
Wings - Original mezzotint print - LIMITED EDITION of 20 by mezzotint
Blue Line Linocut by loadedhipspress


Imogen said...

This is looking great Amie! So many brilliant prints. Thanks so much again for including me!

Steven LaRose said...

I feel extra awkward posting this here but I can't figure out how to contact people otherwise. Mostly lazy. My question revolves around the fact that I have received quite a bit of referral traffic from this site, and yet, I can't figure out where? Or even why? Don't get me wrong, I wish I could rate like the printers you feature. I appreciate the link, and I would like to thank you regardless.

My word verification is sweet: "dalli"

Ibanda said...

Thanks for including me. I'm still finding my way in printmaking and love to find new work.