Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Who's Printsy This Week

We've got a special "Who's Printsy" this week for two reasons: firstly, I was away last week from the computer and missed the posting. Normally, that would just go by the wayside; but concurrent with that missed post was a flood of new Printsy members. I'd like to introduce you to some of the new printmakers of Printsy!

Dandelion Postcard by nottapixiepress
you can think of hollywood as high school by travisweller
Revelation 6 3-4, The Four Portlanders of the Apocalypse Red Rider woodblock prin by Raineysmith
Boombox played the only Yes song I can stand - linocut letterpress print by snowowl
Free ride to sydney by feedesignstore
If you can imagine/dream Letterpress Prints (set of 2) by hijirik
Burmilla cat original linocut print by rubyvictoria
Out of Africa On Fibrous Stock by ipullprints
AERIAL VIEW 3 - Solar Plate Etching by claudiahershman
Armadillo (Walking, Rolled) by TwoSarahs
Hand pulled linocut - Melancholic school girl ACEO - Grammar by YacsPocket
Houses and homes print by pinestreetmakery
Little Head Porgy 1 - Hand-Pulled Monotype by bonniemurrayart
Owl Gocco Print Set No. 3 - Four handprinted Owls by kerrybeary
BENT TREE photo etching pencil signed and numbered by printsnat
Limited Edition Print - Magenta and Green Blue Turquoise - 5 x 7 inches by strawberrypeople
Happiness is a big love - Limited Edition screen print by lisastubbs
But the Fruit (Original Color Reductive Woodblock) by kristenfrancis

Thanks everyone for continuing to use the "Printsy" tag so that I can find you for our "Who's Printsy". Looking forward to next week - keep 'em comin'!


minouette said...

What a wonderful selection!

pejnolan said...

I'm really enjoying seeing all the new art!