Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who's Printsy This Week - County Fair Edition

Artists are blessed - or possibly cursed - with a nearly infinite variety of possible subjects. Whether working with oils or acrylics, printing serigraphs or lithographs, drawing, sculpting, or bringing their works to life through mixed-media, artists can choose from everything in creation to fuel their creativity, from the stars in the sky to the earth beneath their feet. Even when the world around them stubbornly refuses to inspire that first brush stroke, artists can mine the depths of their imagination to create powerful abstractions, surreal scenes, visions and vistas simply unknown in nature.

Here in Virginia - home of the Who's Printsy editorial team - we're just on the cusp of County Fair season. The coming months will be filled with baby pigs and cows and chickens, with kettle corn and funnel cake and deep fried Oreo cookies, with ferris wheel rides in the cool night air. In anticipation of the sights and sounds and happy memories that will be made at all the county fairs this year, this week's Who's Printsy includes a selection of prints featuring barns and the amazing animals who spend their time on the farm, from pigs and chickens to horses and goats.

Pig (Wild Boar) by mmcullen
Winter in Vermont - a barn linocut by studio27
Le Perche Landscape, a multi-plate aquatint etching by AtelierConti
Horse Portrait Screen Print in Dark Blue by rileynoehren
Handprinted Winter Country Road - Block Print by PrintsByMRB
Even the Chickens Are Dancing (Original Color Reductive Woodblock Print) by kirstenfrancis
Simply Goat cream and brown woodblock print by Raineysmith
Original monotype print Chicken Furry by DeanDymentStudios
Other Side (hand-colored linocut) by rebpeters
A Casual Meal - Matted Original Linoleum Block Print of Chickens by AnniePod

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