Thursday, May 6, 2010

Who's Printsy This Week - Graduation Edition

College students around the country will soon pack up their dorm rooms and head out into the real world. As they reluctantly part with their treasured collections of concert posters, vodka ads, and the occasional "Hang In There!" kitten poster, we here at Printsy wanted to do something special to help these new grads get settled in their new digs. Today's Who's Printsy features fantastic artists whose work is very affordable and will give a post-college apartment a colorful, classy, and personal touch. (Of course, even for those of us who are long past college, this is the perfect time to buy some great new prints and give your walls a fresh coat of awesome!)

Relief Print - Transcending Ladder by boundstaffpress
Woodcut - The Guitarist by mandymayl
Woodblock Print - Mediterranean gecko by fustian
Drypoint Etching - Nude and Octopus by mmcullen
Old Town - Original Intaglio Print by MadRiverStudio
Lovey Cat - Modern Black Cat by kerrybeary
Moonlit Monitor Barn - Vermont - a hand pulled linocut by studio27
BEAVER loose linocut block print by annasee
San Francisco Calavera Gocco Serigraph by MisNopalesArt
The Lantern Blue by strawcastle

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