Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who's Printsy This Week - Birds of a Feather (Supersized) Edition

Spring is in full force here in Washington, DC. Flowers and trees are in bloom, the sky is a bright blue, and afternoon breezes take the edge off our increasingly warm weather. The best part, though, is that birds of all shapes and sizes are singing, building nests, and adding an extra bit of color and beauty to the world around us.

This week's Who's Printsy celebrates printmakers who have turned their amazing talents toward creating prints of birds. There were so many great bird prints, we decided to supersize this week's edition with a few extra special pieces that we're sure you'll love just as much as we do!

AMERICAN GOLDFINCH loose linocut block print by annasee
Dipper - original linocut by jesslovell
Spring Cardinal - hand screenprinted art print by strawberryluna
Regal Peacock Plumage woodblock print by Raineysmith
Winter Cardinal - Original Linocut by pejnolan
Parrot screenprint by alyoisiusspyker
Original Bird Etching by FinnfactorArts
HOT Stuff - Screenprint by urbanbird
Green heron by fustian
Flying Ducks by spoonergregory
COMMON LOON and chicks original linocut hand colored bird block print by anagrampress
UNTITLED original linocut by bluecicada

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