Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dry Point Artist Book - The Silver Pheasant

The following tutorial is courtesy of Bridget Farmer and demonstrates the process of creating an artist book using drypoint.  Bridget has submitted several tutorials and we will be publishing them all over the course of time. 


I discovered printmaking about 5 years ago while I was living in Melbourne, Australia. Since then I've been trying to learn as much as I can about the different techniques involved. I'm currently back home in Northern Ireland and pretty much permanently installed in the Belfast Print Workshop. I love drawing and all through art college in Edinburgh we were encouraged to keep drawing even though my degree was in jewellery. After art college my jewelery making ceased but drawing was still as important as ever. Printmaking became a way to take my drawings a step further and the constant theme pretty much throughout has been birds!

I make tutorials partly as a diary for myself, but also because I enjoy finding printmaking how tos with lots of photos so I thought I'd make some for others to find! I believe printmaking is all about sharing techniques. I dislike it when you ask someone how they did something and they laugh and say it's a secret. I've learnt printmaking through the kindness of fellow printmakers taking time to show me and I want to do the same. 


Chantal said...

Lovely tutorial by Bridget. Thanks for sharing.

Viza Arlington said...

Thanks Bridget. I am a huge fan of your work!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the tutorial. You do beautiful drawings.