Sunday, February 13, 2011

Interview with Jessica Guptill

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I live in Charlotte, NC with my soon-to-be-husband, a little black cat and a really fluffy white dog, all of which are great supporters of my work in their own ways.  When I am not working on something artistic, I am knitting, reading, watching movies with friends or slinging coffee to make some money.  All of these things balance me and affect my art. My mom drew when I was little and that’s where I got the desire and the talent for it and I wish she did it more, because she’s got more talent than me by a thousand. 

Why printing?  

I actually got into printing because I was looking for a way to make replicas of my art.  Before printing, I did illustrations in ink and watercolor (and still occasionally do) and before that, I painted with acrylics and before that, I just drew.  People were always asking for copies of my work, but when I looked into having good quality prints made, it was always so expensive.  Then I decided to get into printmaking so that I could replicate my work AND have it still be original.  I love three things about printing the most: the repetition, which I find soothing; the slight variations that come from hand-printing-- every piece is original and different and yet not; finally, the simple and clean lines.  I’ve always loved silhouettes and line drawing in my art.

What is your favorite print medium and why?

Linocut, because it’s the only one I really know, though I am excited to teach myself screenprinting next.

How long have you been printing and how has your work evolved?

I have been printing for maybe eight months and while my style is very much the same as when I started, I feel my technique has improved.  I have learned a few tips and tricks over that time and just gotten better at printing in general.  I’ve developed a comfort with the art form.

What or Who influences your work? 

Music and nature affect my work the most.  The way a leaf curves or how crooked a bare tree branch looks can inspire me to create something.  It’s all about shape and form.  As for music, I couldn’t work without it.  It gets me in the rhythm and keeps me going.  Cursive, Walking Sleep, Arcade Fire—these bands and many others are playing every time I go into my studio.

How do your promote your work?

I have a Facebook page, a website and a blog, and I try to keep active on my Etsy teams and in the forum when I can.  I am also lucky to help manage a coffee shop that allows me to hang my paintings, so I hope people see those, take my card and look me up.

Any good printing tips or funny printing stories (or both??)

For linocut printing, a hair dryer is your friend.  Using it on high to soften up the linoleum beforehand will make carving so much easier.  Also, always keep your hand behind your carving tool.  I knew that, but it didn’t stop me from doing it and cutting one’s finger open will keep you from working for a few weeks while it heals.

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