Friday, April 15, 2011

Printsy Help Wanted!

Dear Printsy members,

It's that time again - we've been extremely lucky to have the help of AnniePod (Diane Podolsky) running the interviews for the blog, and notoriousfcp (Frank Pappas) as our "Who's Printsy This Week" curator. Unfortunately for Printsy, Diane will be starting to wind down to an eventual closure of her Etsy presence, including an end to her volunteering with Printsy.

I, too, am running out of steam; I had taken a few months' hiatus last year (new baby), then picked up the thread of membership again a few months ago, but I have decided that it's time for someone else to take over.

So, we need some new Printsy member volunteers, please. The following jobs are up for grabs:

1. Interviews for the blog: contacting potential interviewees (i.e. Printsy members who have not yet been featured on our blog), collating the resulting interviews and images, and posting them on a weekly post-dated basis as the interviews are received. This will entail some knowledge of using html (just a little) and blogging skills.

2. Articles for the blog: Writing "how to's" or other interesting printmaking articles for the blog, with appropriate printmaking related themes and illustrated with appropriate images. As above, this will entail some knowledge of using html (just a little) and blogging skills. This job is something that we could have a coordinator for (like for the interviews), with many different members contributing articles to that coordinator/editor for publishing.

3. Membership review: whenever a new applicant sends a request to join Printsy, review the applicant's shop to make sure that they do have original, hand-pulled printmaking items. This is important, and a bit sticky; if they have mostly reproductions with only a couple of printmaking items, usually we decline their invitation, as it’s against the spirit of the intention of Printsy. Printsy is about hand-pulled, original, printmaking artwork, so it does take a little thought for considering new members.

4. Membership list: Once new members are approved, then the membership list on the blog has to be updated.

There may be other jobs that come up; we’ll add to this thread with further information if necessary. Please convo me if you are interested in helping or have any questions, and feel free to post to this thread with further discussion.

Amie (ploverwing)
Printsy Team Captain

*** UPDATE ***

Thanks everyone who have offered to help! We've got some great support, and will be working on some changes to the membership requirements and application process for the Printsy Team. We'll keep you posted!

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