Sunday, May 22, 2011

Printsy Team Update

Greetings, Printsy members!

I would like to update you with some changes to our membership policy, which can be found on our Printsy Team Page on Etsy.
1) You must have an active Etsy Shop that has some active listings available (excluding brief closures, e.g. holidays).

2) The majority of the items in your shop must be produced using original, hand-pulled, printmaking techniques (e.g. relief, intaglio, lithography, monotypes, silkscreen etc.), and not predominantly functional or apparel items.
* If your profile has no active listings or no shop set up, your membership application will be declined.
* If your shop has no or few original, hand-pulled prints, your membership application will be declined.
* If your shop has a majority of non-printmaking items, your membership application will be declined.
* If your shop has a majority of items that include printmaking but are not predominantly fine art (e.g. functional, apparel or household items), your membership application will be declined.
We also have a new welcome message posted on the Team Page under the "About This Team" section:
Printsy represents the printmaking artists of, working in the time honored techniques of intaglio, relief, screen printing, lithography and monotypes.

Thanks for applying to Printsy, and welcome!

Check out our blog (, our Flickr Group (, and our Team Page

Please remember to use the "Printsy" tag on your hand-pulled printmaking items so that we can find you when our curator searches for items to feature on our "Who's Printsy" blog posts. We appreciate if you link to Printsy, either our blog, or team page, and please try to make time to create treasuries which include, or blog about, other Printsy members' shops. The more you work towards promoting Printsy and Printsy members, the better we’ll all benefit from the exposure.

Someone will be in touch in due course about asking if you'd like to participate in an interview. If you are keen to participate (check out our current interviews on the blog), please contact one of the Team Leaders (see the members page) for further information. If you wish your shop to be featured on the blog, this is the best way to do so.

Thanks again, and please feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

Printsy Team Leaders

I would like to welcome our newest team leaders:


and our newest blog contributors:


I (ploverwing) will be stepping down as Team Captain and will no longer be participating as much in Printsy. I have enjoyed my three years of helping out with Printsy, but it's time for others to get a chance to participate.



northwoods trekker said...

Thank You for your hard work and dedication to Printsy Amie. Three Cheers!!!

niki said...

Yes, what northwoods trekker said, and all the best to whatever you decide to put your mind to next.

Is it just me or did you just post this article twice? I'll take that as an homage to the multiplicity of printmaking ;)

Jennifer said...

Thank you Amie for everything you've done for us!!