Sunday, August 21, 2011

Interview with Shannon Kennedy of Sass&Peril


Hi! I’m Shannon Kennedy and I reside in Long Beach, CA with my wonderful boyfriend and two adorable kitties! In 2004 I founded my own creative studio, sass&peril. I am a freelance Graphic Designer and I also produce hand-pulled screenprints, stationery, journals, pillows and more.

Why do you like to print?

Because I love seeing my designs through from concept to completion. I don’t have to rely on anyone else to manufacture my vision. There are so many steps and processes involved that it is really up to you not to blow it and that’s a lot of pressure! So when you successfully produce a screenprint it is just the most amazing feeling.

What is your favorite print medium and why?

Screenprinting all the way. I love my ink and squeegee and I am learning to love (and not curse) my emulsion and reclaiming chemicals.

How long have you been printing and how has your work evolved?

I’ve got about 3 years of experience under my belt. I learned to screenprint in college and fell in love with the process. Once I graduated and started working as a Graphic Designer full-time I stopped making art with my hands and really missed the process. I took my screenprinting efforts back up a couple years ago and after many mistakes and ripped screens later I felt I was at a point where I could share my work with the world. I would say my work has evolved in that I have carved out a niche for myself with a certain aesthetic that has helped to define my brand.

What inspires you?

Color, shapes, nostalgia, music, movement, good food, fashion, animals, and all things cute!

How do your promote your work?

Besides having an Etsy shop I also blog and post frequently on Facebook and Twitter. I track my views and visits through Google Analytics and those seem to bring in a lot of traffic. I also have the partnerships with my stockists and my customers to thank for spreading the good word!

Are you working on any particular projects now?  

Yes! I’m constantly working on evolving the line and lately that has meant screenprinting on other mediums besides paper like fabric for totes, pillow covers, tees, and more. I’d love to have a range of products that could appeal to all ages and genders but while staying true to my aesthetic. I also would love to be able to start pulling larger sized prints.

Tell us one random fact about yourself 

I’m obsessed with basketball and I can name most of the players on all 30 teams in the NBA. Go Clippers!

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sassandperil said...

Thanks for allowing me to share my story!


dmitche1 said...

I love your style! Great use of negative space and simple shapes to convey the whole. Cute animals!