Sunday, October 23, 2011

Interview with Morgyn Stranahan


I have lived in the Milwaukee, WI area all my life. At the age of 15 I began to seriously study visual arts after the death of my parents.

Why do you like to print?

Absolutely positively in love with the process, the meditative quality of all of it. Of course, it rocks to have several copies of a finished piece.

What is your favorite print medium and why?

It changes, but currently linocuts, because I can both work on a block and print almost anywhere.

How long have you been printing and how has your work evolved?

Over 19 years. It wasn’t until I was introduced to silk screen that I got excited about printmaking. I’m more willing to try new things now because I finally get that failure is truly just a necessary step towards success.  I’m not stuck on my initial image of a piece and can allow it to develop the way it needs to.

What inspires you?

Love watching animals and people move and interact. Languages and how they offer a different way to look at the world. Drawing games with my nieces.

How do your promote your work?

Etsy, Facebook, (although it’s not really a straight up Facebook “fan page”), enter gallery shows,- rarely accepted in any, about once a year do some type of local art fair, loyal fans, word of mouth, and donate art to several worthy charities. That last one makes me feel independently wealthy.

Are you working on any particular projects now?

Currently between printmaking projects. Working on a series of landscape paintings for a commission, illustrating a coloring book for a community leader and making another attempt at puppets.

Tell us one random fact about yourself

Considering planting hops in the garden this year. If anyone has advice on which rhizome to go with for Southeastern WI, please convo me! Thanks!!!

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