Sunday, November 6, 2011

Interview with Anne van Oppen of Annevo5


I was born and raised in Southern California. After twenty plus years of living, working and playing in other parts of the country I moved back and met my husband. We live on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Los Angeles County. My working years were spent in the apparel industry. Skiwear in Vermont and surfwear in Hawaii. I was an apparel and surface designer often using relief prints to achieve a desired effect or application.

Why Printmaking?

I love printmaking for many reasons but primarily because of the multiples. I do not find it as difficult to part with a piece when there are more in hand.

What Is Your Favorite Medium and Why?

Currently my favorite print medium is Galvanic Etching on copper. I recently set up a studio at home and resolved to keep it as non-toxic as possible. The journey has been frustrating and the disappointments abundant but well worth the trip. I am developing my process and gaining control of the effects I want to achieve. The discovery and successes are very exciting!

How Has Your Work Evolved?

I have been printing for many years, off and on, and seriously for the past ten years. My work has evolved into simpler images with interesting texture. I am interested in expressing a feeling along with the image and not saying too much. I want the viewer to participate and formulate their own feelings related to the piece.

What Inspires You?

I am inspired by the nature around me. I try to sketch regularly and many pieces are developed from there. I love gardening and spend a lot of time outside among my plants. Insects and their ways entrance me, so they are often subjects as is my funny and charming cat Big Guy.

How Do You Promote Your Work?

I am a member of several local artist groups and I enter the local shows. As much as I would like to sell more work, I do not enjoy the running around to accomplish this. I admire other artists that have the energy. I love Esty and Printsy and I hope they will help get me out there!

Any Special Projects You are Working On?

Yes, as I mentioned I am exploring Galvanic Etching and I am working on a series of ten or so prints that express my achievements in this process. They are all 7 1/2 x 7 1/4" with varying sized plates, 2 x 3" or so and a chine' colle frame or background. Once printed, I hand color areas of the piece with watercolor. The first three are on Printsy.

Tell Us One Random Fact About Yourself

A random thing about me is that I am a very good sailor.

Check out Anne's Etsy site and The Los Angeles Printmakers Link

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