Sunday, December 30, 2012

Video of the making of Deep Sea Diver by Linocutboy

Deep Sea Diver by Linocutboy. from Hazeleigh Prebble on Vimeo.

This video shows printmaker and Printsy member Nick Morley (a.k.a. Linocutboy),
as he carves and prints a new linocut of a Deep Sea Diver. Inspired by the intrepid explorers of old, Nick's technique borrows from master printmakers like Bewick and Durer but his use of bold colour gives his prints a strong contemporary feel.

Making the linocut involves carefully planning the image, transferring it to the lino block and then carving away the unwanted parts with gouges. What's left behind is inked up and printed on Nick's etching press. This Deep Sea Diver is printed from seven blocks. The colour blocks are inked up in various colour blends and the black 'key' block is printed last. Each layer has to be carefully registered so that everything aligns properly.

(Filming and editing by Hazeleigh Prebble)


Cathy said...

Really enjoyed watching this linocut image appearing. Great care and attention to detail.

What sort of lino are you using? It looks much easier to cut than the one I use.

Joanne said...

Brilliant video Nick.

minouette said...

Joanne, The comments are moderated to avoid spam - that's why they don't show up immediately. Sorry for any confusion.

Cathy- Try convo'ing linocutboy directly!