Sunday, March 21, 2010

Printsy Interview - Stacey Bradley


BRIEF BIO: Studied printmaking at Dallas School of Art and Design, as well as various independent art studios in New Olreans and Mississippi. I originated my hand block printing company in 1997 under the name Me and C, when I began creating custom cards inspired by my then three-year-old daughter, Cierah. After I developed an obsession with bolder design elements around 2003 and renamed the company Perla Anne, in honor of my mother. She was a constant force behind any and all of my creative pursuits! I now live in Charleston, SC and run Perla Anne from home.

HOW DID I GET STARTED IN PRINTMAKING: Printmaking was introduced to me by my high school art teacher, and I've been obsessed ever since!

DESCRIBE WHERE YOU WORK: I work daily from my sunny home studio, which is perfect for me as I am constantly mastering the art of balancing Perla Anne with life at home!

WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE PRINTMAKING PROCESS: Always has been wood and linocut carving, due to it's tactile nature. I love the process of using my hands the entire time.

WHAT'S YOUR CREATIVE PROCESS FOR ANY GIVEN PRINT: Mostly pre sketched. All the images have to be carved in reverse and this helps me to be certain that my words and designs are facing the correct way when printed! That being said, I do love to occasionally
just begin carving without an image already drawn onto the block, just to get that beautiful element of surprise!

WHAT DO YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT PRINTMAKING: I truly love the timeless art of printmaking, and the involvement from beginning to end. Drawing then carving the design, rolling the ink, pressing the back of the paper to transfer the reversed image, then finally pulling up the paper to get the surprise you can only get from hand printing! Each piece unique and different.

WHAT'S YOUR LEAST FAVORITE PART OF THE PROCESS: The clean up! I make an enormous mess even if I'm just doing one print run!

WHAT ARE YOUR INSPIRATIONS: It changes, but mostly the simple life that surrounds me. My amazing family, nature of course and it's endless wonders.

HOW HAS YOUR WORK CHANGED AND EVOLVED SINCE YOU STARTED: When the business began I was enchanted with busy design and color. These days I find myself in love with the simplicity of design and black ink on white paper.

HOW DO YOU GET PAST CREATIVE SLUMPS: I enjoy the time away from my studio as much as my time in it, but I tend to find inspiration's the time to act on it that I'm lacking!!

HOW DO YOU PROMOTE YOUR WORK: This is where I fail miserably. My sites are grossly outdated. I don't enjoy the promotion side of things, and I hope daily that somehow it takes care of itself. Word or mouth, blog mentions...etc.

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