Sunday, July 18, 2010

Printsy Interview - Shawna Munro


Brief Bio
I recently graduated from the University of Windsor's Bachelor of Fine Arts program. I've applied to several graduate programs for Fall 2010 and am keeping my fingers crossed that I get in! I enjoy making all kinds of art and don't consider myself stuck in one particular field.

How did you get started in printmaking?
It started with making my own clothes. I always thought of interesting ideas for tshirts and thought "why doesn't anyone make that a shirt?" and since no one ever did, I thought "well, I'll just do it myself!"

I started making/selling stenciled t-shirts/hoodies for people on the internet, friends, etc. Eventually I got my own little silkscreening kit and started using that instead of freezer paper. When I started University, I began taking printmaking classes and learned about lithography, intaglio, embossing, etc.

Describe where you work.
Right now I am a professional note taker. I take my laptop to meetings and type the minutes. Its not very much fun, but it affords me a lot of time to work on my art.

What's your favourite printmaking process?
Definitely silkscreening. I appreciate the intricacies of all the other processes, but something about silkscreening and how clean it comes out is so nice. I think a part of it, for me, is my love of old concert posters. They were all silkscreened (by hand!) and they just remind me of a great history.

What's your creative process for any given print? (eg. sketch first? Pre-planned or free-form?)
Pulling the print of course! Printing is such a laborious process, but its all worth it when you roll out that ink and pull a sweet print.

What do you enjoy most about printmaking?
The process. Its not an easy one, it takes a lot of time and patience. If you're in a bad mood, the ritual of it helps take your mind off things.

What's your least favorite part of the process?
Cleaning up of course! Using kerosene to clean makes me a bit nauseous, so I try to avoid that.

What are your inspirations (other artists, people, places, events, etc.)?
Kelly Mark, Diane Borsato, Van Gogh, Goya, and so many more.

How has your work changed and evolved since you started?
I used to be very cautious, but at some point I kind of got past my nervousness about drawing and being perfect and just went with it. Now I feel the work is more of me and less hesitant.

How do you get past creative slumps?
I read various blogs, look at other people's work, listen to music, take a walk. There are so many things out there that give me little sparks of an idea. I try to put down those ideas as soon as I can so I don't forget and eventually something forms from them.

How do you promote your work?
Very badly, haha. I have an Etsy, a Flickr, and a blog with my Portfolio, but so far I haven't had much luck having my work seen or sold. I probably need to take better pictures of my stuff.

Any other comments or advice for others who want to try making hand-pulled prints?
Don't be discouraged if you pull 40 prints with not a single good one in the bunch. Roll out your ink evenly and just keep trying because eventually you'll pull an amazing print and it'll feel AMAZING.

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your work is great & i love your webpage! :D Definitely hearting yo on etsy :D

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