Sunday, November 14, 2010

Reduction Relief Printing

This tutorial is courtesy of Kate Goetz of  Blue Chisel Studio   Here is a little info Kate sent about herself.....

I started making relief prints in 2005 and I'm still totally captivated by it. It's what I do whenever I don't have to go to my day job as a public servant.  It's what grounds me.  I prefer relief printing over any other printmaking method because there aren't any harsh chemicals involved, because I love the element of "craft" and the slow meditative process of carving out each new block, and because there's always that "surprise" moment when you pull the print.

I wrote the tutorial on reduction prints because I love reading about other printmakers' processes and comparing them to my own and I thought maybe others might enjoy reading about mine. Everyone has a slightly different angle and way of working and I find that fascinating. I also wanted to explain the process to those who know nothing of how a relief print is made or just how much labour it involves.

To read Kate tutorial Follow this link   Her tutorial is towards the middle of the page as a link titled Reduction Print Process.    

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