Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's a Yudu, not a Gocco!

A tutorial on this convenient screen printing method contributed by Kitty Kilian


Suppose, just suppose, you are an artist and you want to do screen prints. At home, that is. Just the occasional print in between all those other nice techniques you are pursuing. So you need something small and practical. Something you can put away in your small studio between printing rounds. May be a Gocco machine? That nice Japanese invention from the 1970's that let every Japanese family print its own greeting cards? May be.. but Gocco prints are necessarily small in size. And because Gocco's are not being produced anymore, supplies will run out in the future.May be a Yudu then? Just like a Gocco, a Yudu can expose a screen for you. The screen is much bigger however. It also has a drying compartment. It doubles as a lighting table. And it makes a table for the actual printing. The screens can be used over and over again- other than Gocco screens. Yudu has been around for a few years now but in Europe (where I am from) it is mostly unknown. So I did a lot of online research and finally got one and reviewed it. It put my info online in three tutorials... read on here for the tutorial


Kitty Kilian (Utrecht, Netherlands) was a journalist for many years before she turned to illustrating. She occasionally pulls her own screen prints - less often than she would like. One of her prints is currently traveling through Holland in a harmonicabook with graphic work by 10 artists on the theme Of Fishes And Birds.  See the site for the exhibition here


Amie Roman said...

Thanks for the great review/tutorial! I, too, have been contemplating a Yudu for the past year, but I still haven't committed. Your information is very useful, thank you for sharing!

Kitty Kilian said...

You are welcome!

Erin K. Nolan said...

Really enjoyed this tutorial! It is like I tried the Yudu without having to purchase it. Before this article I had never heard of the Yudu, I will definitely be doing more research on it! Thanks!

Squeegees said...

Thank you for this site which I just found. It is very useful and informative.

wijeisenijs said...

i wish the link would still work, would love to to read it!